PSSA – Pop School & Stage Academy

Our PSSA year is split into 3 terms, each offering something different to ensure our students receive the very best all round training for stage and screen…


During our Autumn Screen Term students focus on screen and microphone techniques. Students are split by age groups to rotate around 3 classes each week; singing, acting and dancing. Singing classes focus on pop singing techniques and cover repertoire from Rihanna to Queen, and Kings of Leon to Adele. We also have lots of fun channeling our inner rock star in microphone technique workshops. Students may also visit a professional recording studio to lay down vocals for a PSSA CD ensuring firsthand experience of the TV & music industries. Listen to our recent recording at the world renowned Metropolis Studios here. (link to 2 tracks) Dance classes this term are structured to build stamina, develop flexibility whilst introducing a variety of dance styles such as Street Dance, Lyrical, Charleston, Pas de Deux, Rock n Roll and Hip Hop. Our ‘Acting for Screen’ theme this term sees our students writing, directing and starring in their very own short films, building up the skills to not only be on camera but also learning what goes on behind it. The Autumn Term culminates with our annual Christmas Showcase; an informal presentation of work for family and friends.


After the announcement of our Summer musical, term commences with 2 weeks of guest workshops themed around the show. Workshops are lead by West End stars from the relevant production introducing students to the style, characters and storyline in preparation for our auditions. Auditions then take place and students are encouraged to perform a prepared song, dance and drama piece for the judging panel of teachers. Casts are announced and classes then take the form of rehearsals as we begin to block, choreograph and musically direct the show. During this term students are treated as a professional cast and are mixed by their roles and scenes in the show rather than age, allowing students to work together and unite as a group.


Summer Term means one thing at PSSA & Little Stage Academy……. iiiiiiiit’s showtime! Show rehearsals quickly progress to technical rehearsals, costume fittings and dress rehearsals in a local working theatre. We are lucky enough to work in conjuction with Arts Educational School, Lambeth College and Ark Putney to offer stage of the art performance venues. Students work with our Stage Managers, Lighting and Sound Technicians as they gain firsthand experience of life in the theatre. Costumes, Scenery, props, radio mics and lighting add the magic touches to our productions and are all provided at no extra cost. Show time really is the highlight of our year. The feeling of excitement and adrenalin backstage and sense of pride after a performance are memories we all have from our childhood and professional lives and we love watching our students grow through these opportunities not just as performers but also as young people building skills not just for the theatre but for life.

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Timing: 10:00 am To 1:00 pm

Age Group: 7-16 yrs

Term: 6th January - 24th March (closed for half term 17th February)

Price: £295 per 12 week term



Timing: 4:30 pm To 7:30 pm

Age Group: 7-16 yrs

Term: 5th January - 23rd March (closed for half term 16th February)

Price: £275 per 12 week term



Timing: 10:00 am To 1:00 pm

Age Group: 7-16 yrs

Term: 13th January - 24th March (closed for half term 17th February)

Price: £240 per 10 week term

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