Little Stage Academy

Little Stage Academy is a unique class designed to introduce 4-6 year olds to dance, drama, singing and musical theatre. We know that syllabus based dance or drama groups can be restrictive for younger students so instead, our classes are energetic, fast paced and eclectic, offering all aspects of performing arts under one roof.

We encourage our little stars to be individuals within class time; encouraging them to move their bodies, find their voices and just get up and have a go!

Classes are 60 minutes on weekdays, or 90 minutes at weekends. We allocate these time slots in order to maximize a child’s concentration and enthusiasm. We divide the class time between drama, dance and movement, singing and performance. Presenting the children with these different styles of performing arts throughout the class is a dynamic way to keep them motivated and thoroughly entertained. 90 minute classes also include a little snack break or ‘chill time’ in order for to regain focus if needed.

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Timing: 11:30 am To 1:00 pm

Age Group: 4-6 yrs

Term: 28th April - 7th July (no closure for half term)

Price: £155 per 12 week term

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Timing: 4:00 pm To 5:00 pm

Age Group: 4-6 yrs

Term: 20th April - 6th July (closed for half term 1st June)

Price: £110 per 12 week term

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Timing: 10:00 am To 11:30 am

Age Group: 4-6 yrs

Term: 21st April - 30th June (closed for half term 2nd June)

Price: £120 per 10 week term

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